April 2023 – Volunteer Month

This month Good Shepherd Hospice celebrates National Volunteer Month. Hospice volunteers are dedicated people who work to make a difference in other people’s lives serving them with compassion and care. At GSH our volunteers volunteer because…

  1. “It gives me something to do, a sense of purpose and belonging” – Tricia, Volunteer
  2. “Because we want to give back and help others.” – Jessica and Julia, Oklahoma City Special Project Volunteers
  3. “I volunteer because I want to give back to the community” – Shante Welsh, retired from the United States Air Force, Administrative Volunteer & Patient Care Volunteer
  4. “When I was in high school because I wanted to help and also learn office skills for when I am older and looking for a job.” – Julia, Volunteer
  5. “It helps the community and gives me a sense of belonging to an organization since I retired.” – Volunteer Linda, Remembrance Bear Volunteer and Administrative Volunteer
  6. “It makes my heart happy when I sees what my presence brings to someone who is alone.”- Ms. Pat, Vigil Volunteer (Trained end of life care volunteer), San Antonio

GSH volunteers serve from the kindness of their hearts. Why do you volunteer?

To learn more about how you can volunteer with us, please visit goodshepherdhospice.com/volunteers