Private insurance and Medicare make it possible for so many deserving people to receive hospice care when they need it most. However, at Good Shepherd Hospice, we work hard to address the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families in ways many organizations cannot.

As we care for patients, we often learn of unmet needs or unfulfilled wishes and dreams. Donations from thoughtful people such as you allow us to respond to these needs, often in ways that exceed our patients’ expectations.

Private donations to the Hospice Care Foundation helped us pay the rent of an elderly hospice patient who was facing eviction. They bought a 16-year-old a plane ticket home to see his dying father. They sent a patient, his wife, and children to a ball game for one last outing as a family.

These gifts are beyond any measure of value.

As part of our mission, we feel it’s important to encourage others to reach out to hospice patients and their families in special ways. A donation to the Hospice Care Foundation will help honor the requests and wishes of individuals searching for meaning in their final days. Contributions to the Hospice Care Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donations made through this site support Good Shepherd Hospice offices located throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri. Please be sure to obtain the correct website address for donations to hospices of the same name located in other states. Thank you for your support of hospice.

GSH will send an acknowledgement of receipt of your contribution to you and to the patient’s family.