March 2023 – Social Work Month

March is Social worker Month. At Good Shepherd Hospice, we are proud to honor those serving so many every single day.  Social worker provide many services protecting the interest of our communities. Services include, keeping our children safe, working with homeless populations, providing mental healthcare, counseling and access to resources for those who have experienced trauma, bereavement support and many more outlets that help social workers touch the lives of so many people.

We know firsthand the impact of our social workers provide through our interdisciplinary care teams, and we know, without them we could not continue to maintain the high standard of care for our patients. Our social workers are on the front line advocating for each patient’s end-of-life wishes and helping individuals address the emotional aspects of end of life care.

We are so grateful for all you do and we humbly say THANK YOU, for your hard work and dedication to others. To learn more about how our social workers provide compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones, contact us today.