May 2022 – Nurses Week

Crucial to the founding of the modern nursing profession, Florence Nightingale gained acclaim for caring for the sick and wounded soldiers fighting in the Crimean War.  Championing the ideas of proper hygiene and improved ventilation and nutrition, Nightingale was instrumental in significantly reducing the death rate of her patients.  Gaining the nickname of “The Lady with the Lamp,” Nightingale was observed making her solitary rounds to her patients in the dark of the night long after all other medical staff had retired for the evening. 

We honor the enduring legacy of Florence Nightingale every May 6th through 12th as we celebrate Nurses Week.  We at Good Shepherd Hospice want to thank all of the nurses who exemplify this dedication to providing outstanding patient care.  Like the Lady with the Lamp, you too brighten the lives of all those you encounter.

At Good Shepherd Hospice, our nurses light the way as we live out our commitment to providing the exceptional hospice experience to our patients and their loved ones through our compassionate care, even in the dark of night.  We provide on-call care during nights and weekends and are always just a call away.  To learn more about how our nurses serve our patients and their loved ones with compassion and dignity or to learn more about joining our amazing team of nurses, contact us today.