September 2021 – National Assisted Living Week

This National Assisted Living Week, we are reminded of the sense of compassion, community, and caring.  Over the last year, we have seen countless instances exemplifying the essence of family through compassionate care to those in our care and those in the care of the assisted living communities we serve.  At a time when social distance often meant isolation from family and loved ones, caregivers in assisted living facilities worked hard to ensure that their patients felt safe, comfortable, and cared for.  We were honored to work together with assisted living facilities to find innovative solutions for keeping families connected through technology when distance was so necessary.  The strong sense of community found in these assisted living facilities has helped to buoy the residents and staff members alike through these turbulent times.

This National Assisted Living Week, we honor the residents in the assisted living communities we serve and celebrate their dedicated teams for proving that family isn’t always blood, and that community, compassion, and care are vital no matter what life may bring. 

To learn more about how Good Shepherd Hospice partners with assisted living communities to provide compassionate care to our patients wherever they live, contact us today.