June 2022 – CNA Week

Just as there are 52 cards in a deck, there are 52 weeks in a year.  From June 17th to 23rd, we take this week to honor the trump cards of healthcare with Certified Nursing Assistants Week.  CNAs have the important job of providing direct care for patients, like bathing, grooming, and eating, and giving every patient compassionate care. Their work creates a welcoming and safe environment for patients and their families. They also update each patients’ care team on changing conditions, monitoring how much a patient eats and drinks, keeping track of vital signs, and even teaching families how to properly care for their loved ones. Their work is vital to the health of so many. 

At Good Shepherd Hospice we understand that our CNAs are the face cards of our company. That’s why they are the kings and queens in our deck.  Serving as vital members of our interdisciplinary care teams, our CNAs complete the royal flush of a winning hand that enables us to provide the exceptional hospice experience for our patients and their loved ones. We want to double down on our admiration for our CNAs and all that they do as we say, “Thank you!” To learn more about how our Certified Nursing Assistants serve our patients and their loved ones with compassion and dignity or to find out about how to join our team, contact us today.